Time to get your gothness on…


Well, unless you’ve been living in a closet, you know that the World Goth Fair is coming up.

World Goth Fair is an annual Second Life event, officially sanctioned by the folks at  World Goth Day to benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation is a UK based charity that was founded in honor of Sophie Lancaster, a young goth woman who was killed for looking different.  You can find out more about WGF and Sophie Lancaster at: http://worldgothfair.wordpress.com/about/ and http://www.sophielancasterfoundation.com/

This year my store is proud to be one of the merchants involved in this fair.  My daughter has always been one of the “gothlings” and I got to witness first hand her pain at being “different”.  My own closet as a teen pretty much consisted of black, that and being an art/math geek didn’t much help my cause.  Life can be hard when you are different especially when you are younger and just trying to figure out who the heck  you are.  So, all this being said, this cause is very personal to me.

Sonnet created the Mask we are giving away at the fair.  Seen Above ❤  To see all the items at our little spot at the fair, I dropped all the vendor ads into an album on Flickr .  Here -> https://www.flickr.com/photos/lanoirsoleil_designs/sets/72157644680503534/


—-[ C R E D I T S ]—-

Mask: -[LaNoir Soleil Designs]- FREE FAIR GIFT @ Fair Location
Eyes: -[ By Snow ]- Midnight eyes – V2 – Red – Being sold at Fair!
Hair: -[ Damselfly ]- Sindy – Tuxedo – Being sold at Fair!
Skin: -[ Essences ]- Lorde
Pipe: -[ Hate This ]- opium pipe
words tat: -[ :Little Pricks: ]- Tell me a Story Face Tattoo
Shape: -[ LaNoir Soleil Designs ]- Amilee c/m
Necklace: -[ LaNoir Soleil Designs ]- Captured Iron Necklace – Red – Being sold at Fair Location

Looking forward to seeing you there!!