Have you been to SaNaRae?

Today I got a cute hat in my inbox from the SaNaRae group… I happened to join this group while visiting the sim one day.
SaNaRae @ NightThe name ….Sa-Na-Rae  means Wings of angel (in pure Korean language)… which seems fitting as the piano music that plays is quite heavenly.  I’ve took both of these pictures while there previously…   For you I would stop time...

With a bow...

I picked up the bow and the hair @ one of the stores while there.

So, you can see that it has some great picture spots 🙂 ~ Oh, and the hat I got in my inbox from the group…

Home is where you can create...
sim link: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sleepy/115/137/30

group link: secondlife:///app/group/55ac7324-b7a2-9691-03d9-6fd0f42dbd24/about

You can find the hat in the group notices ❤



Do you wanna be a Pea?


MadPea has opened a new sim (The Green Mire) for their headquarters and giving their group members a whole avatar, the pea shooter and a little pea walking pet friend… all that!.. cool right?

I’m sure many of you saw the female avatar on FabFree’s post “Call me Olive, would ya“, by Florarod…

The Female Avatar Package includes:

Hair / Skin / Shape / AO / boots / hairbase / eyes/ dress, and the alphas to go along with it as it is all meshie stuff. It also comes with a translator.

but wait, there is more!

…for all your guys out there, they have a male version of this avatar as well.

Male Avatar Package includes:

AO / Steam Punk Goggles / MadPea cap / eyes / Skin / Shape / whole mesh outfit / Translator and alpha.

Here’s a picture of Mr. GQ Pea (yeah, that’s me dressed up in guy’s clothes *hangs head*

snag a tag and pick this up @maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Grantville/97/89/21

Group is FREE to join: secondlife:///app/group/07a8657f-71c9-3012-65fc-7da2e790bad3/about

While you are there @ “The Green Mire,”…. Also search for this cabin.

in it you will find a clue as to how to start the new sim hunt!!

I know I know, what’s the prize Care!!!

Check out my new handy dandy Intergalactic Space Helmet (or MadPea Alien Contact Helmet as they like to call it!)

With it I can contact the aliens anytime….

woot woot!!

*happy dance*

I love MadPea, Huge Fan, and I was so sad seeing MadCity flood out of existance.  I’m so happy to be able to post their new home.

*hugs* Yay and stuff!

❤ care