Keeping a Promise…

Well, as many of you know, I had to stop blogging because of health reasons.  As keeping up a store in game and blogging at the same time was way too much for this girl to handle… I know I know, I should be able to learn balance!  Sadly I’ve always been one to do the whole “give a 110%” which if you are trying  to do for many things at once… Doesn’t always work out as planned.

ANYWAYS —- I missed being able to share my pictures, so I made a small gallery at my store.  I also made a promise to stick a gift in there.

This… is that…

Care's Gallery Gift

I hope you like ❤

Find it at my main store location



p.s.  In the vendor ad, I’m wearing the Envy hair – Lucky Chair hair, that I’ll probably put out in the next couple of days.  I’ve also got on Mandala’s elf ears, Essences Harper skin and IKON’s January gift eyes.


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