Can you taste it?

This morning I was looking for something to do when I came across the “Taste the Rainbow” hunt.  This hunt has quite a few merchants that have taken my money for their products over the years *laughs*  I was all excited….

A few merchants didn’t have their hunt gifts out…. Illusions and Alice Project… Two shops that I frequent…so I’ll be looking for them to show up soon!!

I snapped a picture….
Can you taste it?

Hunt Credits

wings: * Deviance * MESH Tatania Fairy Wings (FREE) (Comes with 3 speeds, 1 non moving versions… Plus Fairy Dust addon)

corset outfitdeviousMind – Sweet Rose Valentina Outfit (FREE) (Comes with a plethora of items, multiple corset sizes and frilly addons…)

pants: Faster PussyCat – Lady RainBow Mesh Laced Jeans (FREE) (Comes with five mesh sizes and alpha.)

Rainbow: ::WetCat:: “A Rainbow” Box (FREE) (Copyable Rainbow with multiple single and couple animations…)

Eyeshadow: Blacklace Beauty Rainbow Kisses Eyeshadow (FREE) (Comes with three different makeup versions..Make sure to pick up all three gifts while here…)

Other credits:

Skin: :[The Plastik]:-FLF- Eren Skin (L$ 50)

Hair: DURA – *Dura-Girl*48(Platinum) (L$ 120)

Henna hand tat: LaNoir Soleil Designs — giftie (included with purchase of BOHO outfit which costs L$ 247)

This hunt is quick to do and you get some really adorable stuff…. so why not right?

*big hugs*…………..till next time……………care ❤


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