The Spring Festival Hunt @ The Cookie Jar

These are the pictures I wasn’t able to use to create my blog post on FabFree .. Not all were used..

This is the greenhouse by “The Black Forest” that I bought for L$10. Made a great staging area for me to drop all these hunts gifts in and around 🙂

Yes, I dropped the swing in the greenhouse… I didn’t have any trees available and wanted to be able to show it off… some really cute animations.

This is one of the prizes I didn’t get to showcase on my FabFree blog post from this hunt, It comes from Sleepy Hollow Farms (L$1)

This is two of the other hunt items I couldn’t show. 

The stumps with flowers is the gift from Hunt & Hunters Resource Centre (L$1)

The Tree stump waterfall, has butterflies flying around and is from.. Charmed Creations (L$1)

Quick and simple post… *hugs to all*………………………………Care


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